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Product Engineering Services

A trusted and reliable partnership for innovation and growth.

Delivering fast and tangible results are the primary focus of ThinkSynergy's Product Engineering team.
We are able to quickly ramp up, in part due to our extensive experience in many industries, and be able to start making an immediate impact.
Our teams focus on carefully understanding the direction of product development, creating a product development requirements document, building budgets and meeting deadlines. We build lasting relationships to fit into your company’s culture. Our goal is to have you focus ON the business, instead of IN business.

Our team:

  • Increases speed to market
  • Comes in on budget
  • Reduces costs of development
  • Focuses on finding product differentiation and innovation
  • Saves time not needing to recruit, onboard, or having to manage staff
  • Offers fractional work force to help scale and reduce long term employee costs.

Markets Served:

Consumer products: Material list - paper, leather, printing, plastics, metal, canvas
Electronics: circuit boards designs, IOT devices, microcontroller computer
Lighting: LED lighting software and firmware

  • Turnkey Solid State Lighting System design, complete design including engines, drivers and mechanicals.
  • LED PCB Design and optimisation for optical design and performance.
  • Control and sensor system design and implementation.
  • Thermal management design and simulation (Heatsink design and analysis).
  • Optical package design for specific applications.
  • High reliability, high power (domed) LED PCB supply chain management.
  • UL/ETL/DLC certification and compliance.
  • Design-for-manufacture (DFM) and Design-for-cost-optimisation (DFC) for Lighting products.
  • Multi colour, Multi CCT, Multi channel LED systems for dynamic (DMX/Horticultural).
  •  High-level system design and architecture.
  • Complete solution design for specific applications: Analogue, Power and Digital Systems.
  • Connected / IOT (WiFi/Wireless/Ethernet) Device Design and Development.
  • Schematic Design, Capture, Review and Management.
  • FR-4, Precision Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout and design for mixed systems.
  • FR-4 / CEM high power, high reliability Power distribution board (PDU-PCB) design and layout.
  • Software and Firmware design and development.
  • Complete product electronics package design.
  • SPICE based circuit validation and simulation.
  • Design-for-manufacture (DFM) and Design-for-cost (DFC) for PCB.
  • Thermal and electrical board simulation-based design validation.
  • Battery Management and Charging (BMS) systems for all chemistries.

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